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​TCS Consulting
Handling Reconstruction &
Telematics Since 1990


34 Years Winning cases

Accident Reconstruction Services for Insurance Companies, Attorneys & Self Insured Risks.
A Senior accident reconstructionist since 1990. Extensive reconstruction
through examining the vehicles involved, inspecting and documenting the
accident scene with the latest technology & experience, analyzing reports,
performing the correct calculations to the accident, and over all conclusion
of all events of the accident itself. We analyze the overall movements of
the vehicles involved before, during and after the collision, as well as
PDOF(Direction of impact), vehicle speed & Dynamics, change in velocities
& Forces. Deposition and Trial experience. Licensed by the Texas
Department of DPS #C20493.
Lamar University Physics & Engineering, Northwestern University Vehicle
Dynamics & Accident Reconstruction (Completed/Passed). EDR
Electronics CDR Analyst @ Collision Safety Institute, Heavy haul EDR
Accident Investigations @ Forensic Training Academy, Virtual Crash,
Drone mapping.
The National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction
Specialist, California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialist,
Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialist, Texas
Association of Licensed investigators. Board director of National council
of investigation & security services, Board Member(Past) for Texas
association of Licensed investigators, Board director for Colorado
professional private investigators.
Professional History
Michael R. Depew, TCS Consulting, 1990-present as owner and president.
Independent senior accident reconstruction investigator and expert
witness in accident reconstruction & telematic Cases. Providing expert
witness services to insurance companies, attorneys, and private clients.
Licensed Senior Investigator. Expert witness in auto accident
reconstruction, Cyber forensics, Cell phone forensics, and Light vehicle &
Heavy haul trucks advanced telematics. Private Investigator across USA.
Continuing Education Instructor, and guest speaker
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